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School Connection

 The City of Virginia Beach is home to exceptional elementary, middle, and high schools. Find information and resources to prepare your child for academic success.

  School Connection

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Education in Virginia Beach

School is an important part of every child’s life. Whether you have recently relocated to Virginia Beach, are a parent of a young child getting ready to enter kindergarten, or are considering a change in schools, this site aims to provide you with important information about education in Virginia Beach. This section will provide parents, guardians, and visitors with useful information about Virginia Beach City Public Schools, private schools, and homeschooling. The City of Virginia Beach is dedicated to ensuring all children enter school ready to learn and have access to the tools and resources they need for continued success.


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Related Information

Why Attendance Matters

Research shows consistent school attendance, missing no more than 10% of school days, can result in higher success rates in the classroom. Students that miss school frequently, often get too far behind in their coursework to be successful in completing the class. Both chronic absenteeism and tardiness cause academic issues as early as kindergarten and negatively impact academic success for the year. Find out what VB is doing to promote on-time consistent school attendance here.

KG Transition Checklist

GrowSmart, in partnership with Virginia Beach City Public Schools, the Virginia Beach Public Library, YMCA-Early Discoveries, Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation, and area preschool providers, has developed a Kindergarten Transition Plan that outlines strategies for families, schools and the community to help children and families transition successfully from preschool to kindergarten. Download our checklist here.

School Locator

Have you just relocated to Virginia Beach or are you considering placing your child in a VB public school? Use the school division’s School Locator to find out which school your child will attend.

Out-of-School Time Learning

Virginia Beach’s Department of Parks and Recreation offers a variety of before and after care programs for children.  Many of these programs are conveniently held at your child’s school before the school day begins, while others operate during the after-school hours.  In addition, you may be eligible for a fee waiver.  This means that you may quality to receive the same level of services as a full paying member, at a fraction of the cost.  Visit any of the six recreation centers to get more information.  Not sure which center is closest to you?  Call 385-1100 or visit the Parks & Recreation website.

Independent Schools

The National Association of Independent Schools states that private schools provide students with individual attention, smaller classes and higher academic standards. As a parent, only you can decide if private education is right for your child. Identify your child’s needs, do your research, and review your choices before making a decision. Visit the Virginia Council for Private Education’s website to find an accredited nonpublic school here.

Exceptional Children

Read about the Virginia Beach City Public Schools’ Special Education Program here. Virginia Beach City Public Schools has several programs and services available for students designated as gifted. Visit the VBCPS website to learn more about available programs.

Home Schooling

The decision to homeschool is often a very personal and a difficult choice for parents. There is no one reason that parents list consistently as to why they select this option for their child. Regardless of the reason, if homeschooling is the right choice for your family, equip yourself so that your child’s homeschool experience will be the best. Find out the VB Policies and Regulations for home instruction, and discover valuable resources for VA home educators.

: Bringing together City, Schools, and the Community for a common mission.

GrowSmart’s mission is to promote and improve the healthy development, school readiness, and reading proficiency of young children, ages 0-8, in Virginia Beach.