We offer LENA Grow early childhood professional development and coaching to support high quality early learning environments. GROW coaching is strength-based professional development for early educators and aligns with CLASS.


I just wanted to share this picture to show how much the kiddos love all of the classroom materials they have received. Even Fernando and Pete are wearing their Lena vests.

- Kempsville early childhood staff

Early childhood professionals have an amazing opportunity to positively impact children’s healthy development. Virginia Beach GrowSmart offers LENA GROW to strengthen the language environment for children in early care programs. Our goal is to improve the quality of early education in Virginia Beach and support the kindergarten readiness of children. GROW offers strengths-based coaching and professional development for early childhood providers. In addition, providers receive unique data insights into the classroom language environment using “talk pedometer” technology. Early care professionals receive an orientation followed by five stackable coaching sessions to transform interactions in their classrooms. Programs receive quality classroom materials to support language development and strengthen program quality in each session. Weekly reports provide a unique view into the classroom audio environment and help connect equitably with every child in the classroom. GROW coaches are also trained in CLASS (Classroom Assessment Scoring System) which focuses on interactions relating to high quality. Grow aligns with CLASS domains such as language modeling, positive climate, teacher sensitivity and facilitation of learning and development.

Relative to where they start, the early childhood classrooms which complete Grow see a 44% increase in adult words and a 57% increase in daily conversational turns. Pilot classrooms experienced growth in CLASS dimensions for positive climate, language modeling and regard for student perspectives as measured through pre and post observations. Program participants will receive room data reports from the LENA days to review during coaching sessions and set weekly goals.

100% of teachers would recommend GROW to other teachers!

If you are interested in Grow contact the GrowSmart Coordinator at 757-385-0144. Interested child care programs in Virginia Beach can complete an Interest Form, a GrowSmart Team member will contact interested programs to discuss Grow in detail.