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The Business Case


The GrowSmart Foundation has adopted the belief that early learning & development is an economic development strategy. Why? When early learning is high-quality, research shows that the workforce is better prepared, while also supporting the current workforce. Today, more of our households have both parents in the workforce; thus resulting in children being in childcare more often and for longer times. When there is access to high-quality and affordable childcare, parents can stay in the workforce and continue their professional development. Early learning sets the foundation for future academic, professional, economic,and social success; resulting in an economically vital community. Businesses that support the childcare needs of their employees are set-up to attract and retain a talented and productive workforce.

Public return on investment show as high as $16 for every $1. This wise investment produces a prepared and engaged workforce, a form of reduced crime, increased tax revenue, more effective school systems, and an improved personal and public health. The business community has the power to strengthen the workforce of today and tomorrow.  * U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation - Leading the Way: A Guide for Business Engagement in Early Education *

LEAD BY EXAMPLE Work with the Foundation to ensure your business has best practice and policy in places to support your current workforce.

CONTRIBUTE Invest your philanthropic dollars with Virginia Beach GrowSmart Foundation to support innovative and collaborative early childhood initiatives that ensure a prepared future workforce.

USE YOUR VOICE Promote early learning policies as part of the economic development agenda. Share your knowledge of early childcare's critical role in a stronger regional economy. Partner with the Foundation for campaigns and events in advancing business engagement with early childhood.