Who We Are

Learn about the collaborative early childhood system in Virginia Beach

Who We Are

​​The work of Virginia Beach GrowSmart is the result of strong collaboration among many City, Schools, and community partners. By focusing on six strategic goals, the GrowSmart Team, Policy Board, and the Virginia Beach GrowSmart Foundation align efforts for maximized results.

GrowSmart Team

The GrowSmart Team represents multiple City departments, community organizations, and the local school division. The team meets monthly to identify and address important issues affecting early childhood education and development in Virginia Beach. By coming together on a regular basis, we are able to have a greater collective impact than any individual or one organization can achieve alone. The GrowSmart Team is responsible for the implementation of GrowSmart's strategic vision. Below you will find a list of our team members and their contact information.

GrowSmart Policy Board

The GrowSmart Policy Board serves as an advisory body to the GrowSmart Team. The Policy Board meets quarterly and helps to set the direction for GrowSmart's work, advise the Team on external factors that may affect its operations, and make important policy decisions. The Policy Board is chaired by Deputy City Manager Kenneth Chandler. See below for a complete list of current Policy Board members:

Virginia Beach GrowSmart Foundation

Vision: Our investment today in early childhood education will benefit future generations and result in a prepared workforce and economically vital community.

Mission: The Foundation's purpose is to support Virginia Beach GrowSmart's initiatives through advocacy and by securing public and private sector funding.

This Board leads the efforts of a newly-created non-profit organization, the Virginia Beach GrowSmart Foundation. Formed in June 2014, the purpose of the Foundation is to bolster the work of Virginia Beach GrowSmart by securing increased funding through public grants and private donations. Additionally, the Virginia Beach GrowSmart Foundation acts as an advocacy group that seeks to garner support from both the public and private sectors. The GrowSmart Foundation Board helps to ensure that increased attention and resources are devoted to early childhood education and development. Below is a list of Virginia Beach GrowSmart Foundation members:

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